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Please call after 11:00am for
all general enquiries

Repeat prescriptions

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For patient safety reasons, our staff are not allowed to accept telephone requests for medications.

Please allow 3 working days for prescription requests. 

Email [email protected]

Patients who are on stable, long-term medication where the dose never varies may qualify for Repeat Dispensing – please ask at reception for details.

Please ensure you order repeat medication before it runs out.

Patients are asked to ensure that they include full name and date of birth and the medication requirements.

The team are unable to respond to every request.

Medication reviews

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a doctor, nurse practitioner or practice nurse at least once a year to review these regular medications and notification should appear on your repeat slip. Please ensure that you book an appropriate appointment to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions.

Your GP may leave you a reminder or a request for tests to be conducted on the prescription. Please ensure you check the messages present on the right hand side of your prescription before presenting to the pharmacy.


Your GP, nurse or pharmacist will not generally give you a prescription for over the counter medicines for a range of minor health concerns. Patients are reminded to read the over counter guidance Patient information leaflet ‘Prescribing of over the counter medicines.

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