Farnham Park Health Group

Please call after 11:00am for
all general enquiries

Farnham Integrated Care Centre

Same-day appointments for patients registered at:

  • Farnham Park Health Group
  • Downing Street Group Practice
  • Farnham Dene Medical Practice

Only patients registered at these surgeries will be able to use the service.

We want to improve your experience as a patient, making sure you are provided with the most appropriate treatment, in the best place, in a timely manner, improving the quality of care provided to patients and ensuring NHS resources are used appropriately.

The  care centre is based in Farnham Centre for Health. Our practice reception team will book and advice you of the time and you will be seen the same day by a local GP, nurse practitioner or other relevant local health care provider such as a physio, who will ask for your consent to access your patient health record.

The steps below outline how you will access the new service:

  1. If you need a same-day appointment, call the reception team.
  2. The receptionist will ask for some information so we can provide the right care for you more quickly.
  3. If a same-day appointment is needed, you will be booked into an appointment at the new location within Farnham Centre for Health, or a phone call will be booked for you to speak with a relevant health care professional.

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Extended Access ~

The Farnham practices continue to work together and will be offering routine appointments to their registered patients through NHS England’s new Patient Extended Access. Routine GP appointments are now available on Saturday mornings in Farnham and Sunday mornings at Frimley Park Hospital. Routine Practice Nurse and Healthcare Assistant appointments will be available Monday-Friday evenings and Saturday mornings in Farnham.

Four of the five Farnham practices are already established in seeing patients for their same day appointments in the Farnham Integrated Care Centre. The Extended Access appointments will give patients from all five practices the opportunity to see a doctor, nurse or health care assistant for a routine appointment outside the core hours of their GP practice. The appointments are all booked through the patient’s home practice reception team. However, the appointment will take place at the Farnham Integrated Care Centre based in Farnham Centre for Health.

The Sunday morning appointments at Frimley are also Patients are also able to book routine GP appointments on a Sunday morning through their home practice. These appointments will take place at Frimley Park Hospital, Out-Patient 1.