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Summary Care Record

What this means for other authorised healthcare professionals
GP Connect
Health and care professionals with access to the GP Connect record view will have audited access to more detail of consultations than is currently available under the Summary Care Record, particularly free text entries of recent consultations. This will give the clinician more context and an improved understanding of the patient’s recent history. This is particularly helpful in assessing a patient who may have been seen recently but is now seeking further advice because their symptoms have deteriorated.
Summary Care Records
Authorised health and care professionals who currently have view access to the SCR in other settings such as A&E, ambulances, or community pharmacies, will now see the Additional Information where that is available.
In line with current practice, patients’ should be asked for their permission to view before accessing SCR details, unless the patient is unable to give consent in an emergency.
What this means for patients
We will respect the decisions that patients have already taken about the sharing of their records. Patients have the option of retaining a Core SCR and opting out of sharing Additional Information, or of opting out of an SCR altogether. They also may choose to opt back into the sharing of their SCR should they wish.
A Form has been published to support patients in making that choice and this can be used and returned to their practice. Practices should then make changes in exactly the same way as they currently do.

Is it compulsory to have one?

No, it is not compulsory. If you choose to opt out of the scheme, then you will need to complete Summary Care Record Consent Form

For more information you can visit the NHS care records website.