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Proxy Access Patient Guidance

Proxy access ~ Children

On your child’s 11th birthday GP computer systems will automatically restrict the scope of existing online proxy access of a parent or carer. Parental proxy access may be reinstated if, after discussion with the parent(s) requesting access, the child’s GP believes that proxy access would be in the child’s best interest.

From 11-16, a parent with proxy access will be able to manage certain elements of the young person’s record, such as demographic data and order repeat prescriptions, but they will not be able to see the young person’s past appointments or clinical record.

On the young person’s 16th birthday, the systems will switch off all the remaining proxy access except where the young person is competent and has given explicit consent to the access.

If you wish to continue proxy access to your child’s records, please follow the link below for a consent form or ask at reception for a paper copy. Please return the completed form to the practice along with appropriate ID.

Proxy Access _ Carers

The NHS App Proxy Access lets you use the NHS App to manage the health care of someone you are caring for, but only with theirs and the GP’s permission.

The person you care for does not need to be registered for GP online services for NHS App Proxy Access to work, or using the NHS App.

When we say caring we mean any kind of paid or unpaid care. This can include Care Home staff in residential homes, family members or friends. You do not need to be receiving Carer’s Allowance for a GP to agree you are a carer, although the GP may want to ask questions before authorising NHS App Proxy Access.

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