River Wey Medical Practice

01252 737387

Please call after 11:00am for
all general enquiries

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We respond on the same day, Monday to Friday. We will see you same day if needed. All our registered patients are welcome, parents and carers on behalf of patients too. You can name a GP if you wish (so long as they are working today). You may prefer a telephone, email or face to face response. You can sign up now, with no paperwork.

Patient rights and responsibilities

We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. It is your responsibility to keep your appointments, inform us of your past illnesses, medication, hospital admissions and any other relevant details.

Our mission statement

  • River Wey Medical Practice aims to provide the highest possible standards of clinical and patient care.
  • We are determined to create a warm and welcoming environment for our patients.
  • We want to treat them and our staff with sensitivity, kindness and respect at all times.
  • Above all we want our patients to feel they have been looked after in a professional and sympathetic manner.
  • We aim to be a pro-active, learning organisation striving for excellence, communication, innovation, and reflection.

Code of conduct

We have a code of conduct to help make everyone’s visit to the surgery as safe and as pleasant as possible:

  • Please keep all fire exits and disabled spaces clear at all times. If your child has used any of the toys, please ensure they are cleared away and do not pose a tripping hazard, particularly to elderly patients whose vision may be impaired.
  • The use of mobile phones in the surgery is prohibited.
  • We expect patients to be considerate to our staff and fellow patients at all times.
  • Sometimes GP appointments over run for reasons beyond our control, we ask for your patience and understanding.
  • Patients who are rude, aggressive and violent or who persistently fail to attend appointments will be asked to leave the Practice and seek care elsewhere.
  • We have an open door policy for accepting new patients providing they live within our catchment area and are eligible for treatment. If however a patient is not accepted for any other reason, an explanation will be provided.
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