Farnham Park Health Group

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New Patient Registrations

Everyone is welcome in general practice.

You will be asked to provide a means of photographic identification in order to obtain online access, it will help your application and permissions for online services.

Patients do not need to provide proof of ID, address, immigration status or an NHS number in order to receive care or to see a GP.

All patients are requested to complete the new patient registration form.

Acceptable photo ID:

  • Current passport or identity card
  • Resident permit issued by Home office
  • Current UK photocard driving licence
  • HM Forces identity card
  • Police photographic ID card
  • University or college photo smartcard
  • NHS smart card

Acceptable proof of address:

  • Recent utility bill (within 3 months of the current date)
  • Local authority tax bill ( valid for current year)
  • Bank or building society statement ( within 3 months of a current date)
  • Current tenancy agreement
  • Court order (within 12 months of the current date)
  • UCAS letter (within 12 months of the current date)


Registrations forms to be returned to the Registration team  [email protected]

All Age New Patient Registration Forms