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Please use askmyGP 8am to 3pm Monday to Friday. Between 3pm and 6.30pm please call the surgery if it is urgent.

Blood Pressure ~ do you know your Numbers ~ Frimley Health and Care

High blood pressure – the ‘silent killer’

Roughly one third of all adults in the UK are thought to be living with high blood pressure, yet many are doing so without realising.

It can affect anyone and can lead to heart attacks, strokes and other serious and potentially life-threatening situations, so it’s not surprising it’s sometimes known as the silent killer.

Yet in many cases it’s preventable, making detection so important.

Checking your blood pressure is quick, easy and painless and can have a huge positive effect on your health. It can detect a potential problem and help get you on the path to treatment and improvement, or it can reassure you that your blood pressure is as it should be.

Frimley residents are being urged not to be complacent when it comes to their blood pressure and to check theirs – or have it checked – regularly. You can use a home monitoring device or visit a community pharmacy conducting blood pressure checks. Look out for blood pressure monitors at some community venues too. Anyone invited to a health check by their GP practice is also encouraged to taken up the offer.

There are many misconceptions around high blood pressure, such as that young people don’t develop it, that if you feel well you don’t need to worry, or that if it runs in your family there’s nothing you can do to prevent or manage it.

High blood pressure can be caused by a variety of factors, from a person’s lifestyle (diet and exercise) to stress and genetic factors, and just as there are many contributing elements, there are also many treatments and methods of managing and reducing it. Depending on individual cases, these can including anything from lifestyle changes to medication.

Find out more here about how you can get your blood pressure checked, with advice in a short video by Dr Nithya Nanda, a GP and the Frimley Health and Care Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Clinical Lead. You can also read some personal stories of people working within your local health services who have their own experience of high blood pressure.

There is also a booklet you can download with information and advice. Click here.